Beer with Attitude!

We’ve been commercially making beer for our friends, neighbors and visitors of Brewer’s Pizza in Orange Park since early 2011. All that time Brewer’s has been serving Pinglehead Brewing Company’s handcrafted beers along side of some of the highest ranked beers America has to offer. The goal was to truly understand how our beer would stack up against the best of the best. Based on what Brewer’s customers have to say, our beers are not just competitive, they are usually their first choice.

If you really love pale yellow light lager, drinkable only when served ice cold (and in a frosted mug), then DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING OUR BEER. You probably won’t be able to appreciate it. If those awesome Superbowl beer commercials have convinced you that you “belong”, DON’T BOTHER LOOKING OUR WAY! Our craftsmen make BIG BEER, full of flavor with the most incredible ingredients available. We call it “Beer with Attitude!”

Venturing out beyond the walls of Brewer’s Pizza, Pinglehead Brewing Company will enable many others to enjoy their very own“Beer with Attitude!”

Our commitment to you is that our beer will always be made with quality ingredients and our strong commitment to the craft! It will never be rushed.

Enjoy, and drink responsibly!

 The Pinglehead Brewing Team


Pinglehead [ping-guhl-head, pronounced the same in most languages] noun, mythical god of “Big Beer”. It is widely speculated that Pinglehead brought the first grain and hop Rhizomes to ancient citizens with the knowledge of how to produce “Big Beer”.

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